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Searching for unknown works by Eduard Lind (1827-1904)

Eduard Lind lived and worked in Maribor in the second half of the 19th century. Lind painted numerous portraits of prominent citizens, some of which are preserved in the collections of the Maribor Regional Museum and the Maribor Regional Archives. A few of Lind's landscape paintings are also known. 

Unfortunately, much of Eduard Lind's work is known only from written sources. You can change that. Did he paint a portrait of your ancestor?

The Maribor Regional Museum is preparing an exhibition of Eduard Lind's works at the end of 2024, so we want to collect as much information as possible about his works that are not in the museum's collection. If you have any of Lind's work at home, please do not hesitate to contact the Maribor Regional Museum. We will be happy to record your work in the archive's records. Perhaps you will also allow us to exhibit your work in a temporary exhibition?


Lind did not always sign his pictures, but occasionally signatures appear at the bottom left or right of the pictures. He signed as "Ed. Lind" or just as "Lind".


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