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Vesna Koprivnik

The work of an archaeologist, both in the field and in the office, is interesting and varied. It is a challenge filled with curiosity, and anticipation for new discoveries, an opportunity, and excitement of piecing together fragments of the records of the distant past, joy, and satisfaction of uncovering and presenting the results of research.
Simon Lorenčič
Dr Mirjana Koren
Maja Hren Brvar
Ivana Unuk
Dunja Salecl
Nives Cvikl
Dr Valentina Bevc Varl
Danilo Rojko
Irena Porekar Kacafura
Pia Lara Kovačič
Alen Šmid
Sanja Mohorko
Naida Ahmetović
Maja Knez
Vesna Koprivnik
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