May–October 2014
Temporary exhibition
Open furniture storage, Kino Partizan

We can find some parallels between furniture and street art, if we exclude the possibilities of artistic expression, which are available to the makers of furniture or to the authors of graffiti paintings. What they both do have in common, are the many limitations due to the materials, technology and the two- and three-dimensional demands. The storage of the museum is the home of a four-hundred-years-old furniture legacy, which originates from the regions of Styria, Carinthia and Prekmurje. Even today, the decorative repertoire of the collected material offers a wide range of possibilities for research. The city, on the other hand, has been buried under masses of graffiti of extremely low content-related and artistic value during the last decade. It is obvious, that these graffiti do not awaken the interest of researchers. The graffiti that sets itself apart from the rest of them are the images, which are bearing the signature TeoSon.

We have tracked down the author of the artworks, the street artist Teo Ivančič and have invited him to work with us. The results of the collaboration are the interesting art pieces, which reconcile all the components of the project ROCKER OF IDEAS. After Ivančič had seen the storage, he started to ask himself questions, which were concerning the owners of the collected material. We have offered him the collection of paintings of the Styrian noblemen, which is exhibited in the Knight’s hall, to serve him as a referential base. For this project Ivančič has chosen wooden doors as the carriers of his images. The doors are still being counted as elements of furniture, even though they don’t make that impression. The furniture is an image and the image is furniture. It was the artist himself, who had chosen the wings of the old and worn-out doors. TeoSon is a master, when it comes to working on uneven surfaces. This time he sprayed the colours, which are mixed with air, using the aerosolografia technique, on to the sweeping wooden surfaces of the doors. He achieved the desired effect by using different spray tips respectively caps. He has even incorporated the missing parts of the wooden bases in a very creative way.

Teo Ivančič is a self-taught painter with a great talent. Not only is he constantly putting the technique to the test (that means that he is also developing it), but is also characterised by the unceasing quest of his own artistic expression, which can be counted among his greatest virtues. There are too many worlds, thus you need to be able to express yourself in more than just in one of them. He uses practically everything that speaks to him, as a tool to aid help him to accomplish that