1. 06. 2019 at 18.00, 19.00, 21.00, 22.00, 23.00

Temporary exhibition

Open furniture storage, Kino Partizan


Between the temptation of taste and the experience of sensory perception 

A labyrinth, a space of special shapes that affects the people who walk through it or observe it. Through the experience of travel and exploration of internal spaces, it facilitates the sensory activity of actors and viewer-participants, activating the possibility of experiential knowledge on the basis of sensory perception. 

The purpose of the travelling labyrinth is to recognise and perceive what is happening and transform it into a special user experience. To experience a space, stories of the past and the perception of the present, which connect the world of memory. A bridge between the past and the future. Participants become one with their own personal history, develop their own mystical adventure. 

In this year’s ROCKER OF IDEAS we use different approaches to create bridges between museums and contemporary dance. Furniture storage units open to the public involve the concept of materialised history, where the memory of the past is always present. A body that enters the space, enters as a conglomerate of thousands of perceptions, stories and memories. The long-standing tradition of the Kino Partizan cinema once offered moving pictures and sedentary viewers, but today the roles are changed. Echoes of the past as an experience of the present. The history of the future.