28. May–28. October 2013
Temporary exhibition
Open furniture storage, Kino Partizan


This time the photographer Žiga Koritnik and the musician Boštjan Perovšek will interpret the heritage through their authorial works in the open furniture storage.

According to Žiga: “Jazz is the search for new paths, for progress, a constant testing of creativity. Tradition is its starting point. My photography is searching for the relationships between the musicians and the music, among themselves, between them and the audience, between them and me. The storage with all that interesting furniture triggered the same search in me.“

Boštjan Perovšek describes his contribution as following: “The music for an exhibition is a
soundscape, where the surge of light and sound meet. Only the seemingly frozen situation on
the canvas is telling the story, which is joined by the sonorous narrative. The combination of both elements creates a new world and a new relationship, which is woven between the observer/listener at a concert and the observer/listener in the storage.“