1. 04. – 03. 09. 2016

Temporary exhibition

Open furniture storage, Kino Partizan


The exhibited installation designed by the authors Tanja Devetak and Eduard Čehovin, investigates the concept of lace in the scope of the reinterpretations of its design in relation to the appearance of the material and abstract conception of space. The human figures, which are lifelike in their proportions as well as volume, made of lace are conceived in the sense of open forms and are set up in the space of the open depot of Kino Partizan. The figures are set up taking up different poses and placed at different, selected pieces of furniture (chair, table, wardrobe) which are located in the open depot. In this way, they create intimatemise-en-scènes, which offer insight into the experience of every visitor and develop the interaction with the viewers. The context of the relation between the lacy human figure and the chosen furniture object opens the question about the human influence on the space in which they live. The human figures are translucent with different inner structures and textures. They create a play of shadows in space and form a complex spatial deployment when we illuminate them. The lacy figures create autonomous artistic totalities, which upgrade the setup of the depot with their real context, interactivity and evolutionary nature of development. The initial stories of individual art installations do not remain in the imaginary world, but are reflected in the personal experiences of the viewer.