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The IDEA MOVER is a long-standing programme of the Maribor Regional Museum, which invites artists to create and respond creatively to the museum's collection of historic furniture. The programme aims to connect the past with the present and to show the development potential of cultural heritage through the eyes of contemporary artists. This year, we have invited writer, illustrator and storyteller Alenka Spacal as our guest. In the rustic ambience of the Pohorje chimney [...]

Franz list, small European tour

Franz Liszt is considered the greatest pianist of his time. Born in 1811 in Raiding in Burgenland, Liszt was trained musically by Carlo Cherny and Antonio Salieri and, as a boy of 11, opened the way to the musical stages of Europe at that time with a concert in Vienna. He lived in a period of romanticism, national awakening and the rise of the bourgeoisie, a time [...]

Kitchen debate

VIDEO - LOVE GOES THROUGH THE KITCHEN The kitchen furniture, utensils and crockery on display are from the Maribor Regional Museum. The oldest items on display are wall doors from the early 17th century, while the youngest is the Marles Maksima kitchen from 1970, which was still in use in 2016. The exhibition is divided into nine [...]

Bread and games

Guest exhibition on Roman cuisine with which the Ptuj - Ormož Regional Museum joins the exhibition Kitchen debate Guest appearance on the Good Morning show Roman cuisine Roman cuisine has influenced all cuisines of the Western world, including our own. It has a rich history, having developed over centuries. It has taken many of the best and [...]

The radiance of eternity

An exhibition of jewellery from the collections of the Maribor Regional Museum and a sales exhibition of jewellery by selected designers Nataša Druškovič, Nataša Grandovec, Jasmina Granduč, Ana Haberman, Urška Hvalica, Tina Lah, Martina Obid Mlakar, Tjaša Rantaša, Dalija Sega, Maja Štamol, Ana Vogrin and Urša Zrnec. You are cordially invited.

You can't do without a museum!

2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr Serge Vrišer, art historian, long-time curator and director of the Maribor Regional Museum, professor of museology and conservation at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, professor of fine arts and culture at the Faculty of Education in Maribor, Baroquist, uniformologist, and a Maribor citizen - a writer on culture, art, the past and heritage. The [...]

Guardians of heritage

On the occasion of the cultural holiday, the Maribor Regional Museum has prepared an online exhibition, THE GUARDIANS OF HERITAGE. The exhibition highlights individuals who have made their mark on the protection of cultural heritage and were responsible for the creation of the museum collections of the Knezoškofija Museum, the Museum Society in Maribor and the Historical Society for Slovene Styria. Heritage Guardians are the link between heritage, the [...]

Our daily wine

The occasional exhibition VINO OUR EVERYDAY presents the rich heritage of winemaking in eastern Slovenia and shows the reasons for the important role that wine plays in Slovenian culture. It offers answers to the basic question of why wine is omnipresent in our culture, in our everyday life and celebrations, why it accompanies us from birth to death. It reveals the personal, social, historical, religious and other [...]