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Museums are evolving and bringing their permanent and temporary exhibitions, open storage and selected museum material to visitors online. A virtual tour of the exhibitions gives the visitors a chance to get the basic information about the material on display, while at the same time it inspires and invites them to come and see the museum "in person". The cultural heritage is unique, it bears witness to the identity of a nation, and its originality is therefore all the more important. Yet, when we cannot go to the museum, the museum comes to our home. The tour answers the questions ''Where do we come from?'', ''Who are we?'' and ''Where are we going?''. We invite you to take a look at our virtual guided tours of the Museum's permanent exhibitions.

The visualisation is supported by the latest WebXR standard and works not only as a website but as a web application. You can use all modern virtual reality glasses. The visualisation was created by Boštjan Burger.