Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00




03. 12. 2021-15. 11. 2022
Temporary exhibition
Ogledni depo pohištva, Kino Partizan


I found the inspiration for the implementation and arrangement of the exhibition in the furniture depot of the Maribor Regional Museum. The square or rectangular shapes of the furniture became an inspiration for picture foundations, and the various textures on the exhibited pictures symbolically indicate intarsias and patterns on furniture elements.

The basis for assembling the pictures is a square, whose beginning and end are in infinity. It carries within it the historical power of the primal shape, and communicates solidity and stability. The placement of pictures along the bottom edges of the stone walls creates a white border of the relief content, which rhythmically spreads from the smallest graphic inscription on a painting, via square or rectangular shapes with measurements containing the number 5 (50 × 50 cm, 50 × 100 cm, 50 × 150 cm) to the stone wall, which in places, due to some sections of the square or rectangular foundation of the first picture, becomes the foundation of the second. Upon interpreting the number 5, which means unending love (2 is the female number, 3 the male), we get the impression that the whole composition is a manuscript of symbolic shapes.  
At any moment, the roughness of the stone wall experiences coexistence with different textures in the picture. My works are not simple two-dimensional artistic surfaces enriched by layers of paint. They are a surface that is open to being built upon, ready to enter the third dimension. On individual parts of the picture foundation, I include rectangular or square parts in different materials. The surface of the pictures is enriched by contrasts between levelness and relief, i.e. between smooth and structured surfaces, which offers the possibility of a simultaneous visual and tactile perception of the play between light and darkness. The pictures combine gentle femininity and hard masculinity, the material and spiritual world, transience and eternity. At the same time, there appear miniature square graphic images or parallel lines, with which I create a composition of different rhythms.

The created images are always placed into a specific space that captivates me and presents a new challenge. They may become one with the space which is their current “home”. When visiting an art exhibition, we usually expect to see paintings hanging on the walls or arranged on easels. This exhibition is placed on the floor next to the walls. The whiteness of the pictures decorates, enlivens and challenges. The placement leads viewers into an unusual orientation of the space, they see it from a different perspective and different distances from those they are used to.

The implementation required extensive preparation, since prior to starting work on the many sketches, in addition to defining the compositions and suggestions, it was necessary to provide different materials and textures. Proportions, the relations between the smooth and textured surfaces, between full and empty spaces, and spaces that rise in high relief above the basic picture are all important. In creating textures, I use discarded and obsolete materials, “giving” them a new, artistically symbolically concealed message.

Every exhibition presents a new challenge, both for me and the viewers, since the pictures motivate us from different angles to meditate about the combined nature of life and death, order and chaos, the conscious and subconscious. If upon seeing a museum collection of various pieces of furniture we can talk about our history and ancestors, let seeing my exhibited works lead us to reflect upon the deep, eternal questions of life, the confirmation of our presence on Earth, with analogies of transience and spirituality. Let the past and the future combine in the present.