Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00




May-October 2014
Temporary exhibition
Furniture Open Storage, Partizan Cinema


Leaving aside the artistic expressiveness of furniture makers on the one hand and street muralists on the other, some parallels can be drawn between furniture and street art. They share a number of constraints imposed by materials, technology and spatial and surface requirements. The museum's open storage contains four hundred years of furniture heritage from Styria, Carinthia and Prekmurje. The decorative repertoire of the collected material still offers wide research opportunities today. In the last decade, however, the city has been overwhelmed by a multitude of street paintings with extremely low message and artistic value, which do not challenge any researcher. Among these murals, the ones with the signature TeoSon are conspicuous exceptions.

We found their author, street artist Teo Ivančič, and invited him to participate. The resulting works are interesting, combining all the components of the ROCKER OF IDEAS project. After visiting the open storage, Ivančič had questions about the owners of the collected material. As a reference, we offered him the collection of paintings of Styrian noblemen, which is exhibited in the Knights' Hall of the Maribor Castle. Ivančič chose doors as the vehicles for his depictions, which are also furniture elements, but of buildings. Furniture is painting and painting is furniture. He chose the worn-out doors himself. TeoSon has mastered working on uneven ground. This time, he used the technique of aerosol-graphy to spray paint onto the undulating wooden surfaces of the door. He achieved the desired effects using different spray caps or nozzles. He also cleverly incorporated the missing parts of the bases into the overall composition.

Teo Ivančič is a self-taught painter with an exceptional talent. Besides constantly experimenting and thus developing his technique, his greatest strength is his persistent search for his own expressive language. There are too many worlds for him to speak only one language. He helps himself with practically everything that speaks to him.