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The only darkness that exists is ignorance. (W. Shakespeare)

Tinka Šetina

Tinka Šetina, Winter Idyll, watercolour, Novo mesto, 2009

Tinka Šetina is an interesting personality. She dabbles in music, writing and painting. She describes her life in her book Red Roses. It is the story of her repeatedly displaced family and the eternal search for answers to the questions: Who am I and where do I belong?

Her father, an amateur painter, inspired her to paint. Watching him paint, the smell of oil paints left an impresion and she grew a desire to paint. When her eyesight started failing, she would make sketches, draw a motif in charcoal and then finish the painting with vivid colours. When she paints, she prepares her space so that the sunlight does not disturb her and arranges the colours on a scale for easy orientation. (DBM)

Technique: watercolour
Size: 20 x 30 cm
Place and year of creation: Novo Mesto, 2009
Description. Lots of snow on the trees in the foreground and behind the fence in front of the three houses, which are painted in an L-shape from left to right.