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Baroque is an important link between Maribor and Osijek, two of the largest and most friendly cities on the Drava river.

With the virtual exhibition Holy Trinity, we present the largest baroque sculpture in Croatia, built in 1729 on the central square of the Osijek Fortress. The monument was erected by Baroness Ana Marija Petraš, daughter of General Beckers and widow of the general and commander of the Osijek fortress Maximilian Patraš. The monument, erected as a vow against the plague, is decorated with sculptures of patron saints invoked as defenders against the infectious disease: Saint Sebastian, Saint Roch, Saint Rosalia, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Charles Borromeo,and the Holy Trinity. At the foot of the monument there are sculptures of Holy Mary, St. Joseph, St. John of Nepomuk and St. Catherine.

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