Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00


The Right Attire Makes the Man/Woman museumette introduces children to the clothing culture through time. Children learn how people in the past made different types of cloth and which items of clothing marked certain periods. They learn about the variety and symbolic significance of certain fashion accessories - hats, fans, gloves, and are introduced to lesser-known items used as accessories by ladies and gentlemen - scratchers, pocket watches, finger clamps, etc.


If you wish, you can attend a set of all six, or you can choose to attend individual museum workshops. The price of an individual museum tour is € 3 per child and the price of a set of all six museum tours is € 15 per child.

If you decide to take part in all six museum workshops, please send your application to If you wish to bring your children only to individual museumettes, please send your application to the email address given below the description of the museumette you wish to attend. Further information can also be obtained by calling 228 35 51.

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