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The only darkness that exists is ignorance. (W. Shakespeare)

Meri Tišler

Meri Tišler, Intoxicating Fragrances, 2020


I was born in 1958 and live in Brezje near Tržič. I have been drawing successfully since primary school and painting more in the last ten years. I have 5% central vision. I paint mainly with acrylic paints, some also with pastels. I paint nature, flowers, animals and objects.

I gain experience and knowledge at workshops at the Inter-municipal Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Kranj and from painter friends. I have participated in 34 group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 45 x 60 cm
Place and year of creation: 2020
Description: The picture shows a brown table with a large white cup of smoking hot coffee on a saucer on the left side. Next to the cup on the right is a white rose and a few coffee beans scattered around. One bean is also on the saucer. The background is also in shades of brown, and is lighter next to the cup. The light falls from the top right-hand corner and beautifully illuminates the cup, the rose and the coffee beans.