Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00



At the Tigi the Castle Kitten museum, children learn about selected objects in the permanent exhibition Between the Glamour and Misery of the Middle Ages. They learn about the great castle gates, that the town once had walls, who the skilled makers were of the various items that were important to life, why large craft chests and carvings were used, what a real knight looked like and why he wore armour, and the story of the talking seal. After the exhibition, they meet Tiggy the Castle Kitten, who shows them his favourite hiding places in the museum and the various precious objects. The museum ends with a musical skit about Tiggy and his friends. Can you count all the paws of our castle animals?


If you wish, you can attend a set of all six, or you can choose to attend individual museum workshops. The price of an individual museum tour is € 3 per child and the price of a set of all six museum tours is € 15 per child.

If you decide to take part in all six museum workshops, please send your application to If you wish to bring your children only to individual museumettes, please send your application to the email address given below the description of the museumette you wish to attend. Further information can also be obtained by calling 228 35 51.

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