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The only darkness that exists is ignorance. (W. Shakespeare)

Ana Šter

Ana Šter, View, acrylic

She was born in 1957 in Kranj and lives in Leše near Tržič. Since the age of seven she has been struggling with diabetes and the consequent loss of vision. She has 5% of her vision left. After moving to a new home in Leše and retiring, she and her husband started painting. Her most beautiful motifs are flowers and still lifes in acrylic and pastel, but she is also trying out abstraction.

She is improving her technique with the help of mentors Marjeta Žohar, Ivan Stojan Rutar, Izidor Jalovec, Bolislav Čeru, Vinko Hlebš within the Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted Kranj and also with the help of the Paraplegics Association of Slovenia, where Jože Potokar, Rasso Causevig and others are mentors.

All this learning has resulted in paintings that have received very positive reviews from art historians, and Ana was encouraged to exhibit them. So far she has had 25 group exhibitions and one with her husband Boris Šter.

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Place and year of creation: 2019
Description: In this picture I wanted to show that each thing or action is seen differently by the individual. That is why the lower part of the canvas has shades of cool tones, while the upper part has shades of warm tones. There is a partial divide between them, connected by a symbolic eye that looks beyond the light or darkness.