Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00



The Maribor Regional Museum displays its furniture collection following the example set by the Cabinet of Curiosities, a space where dedicated Renaissance scholars kept their precious collection of objects and exchanged knowledge, opinions and stories among themselves.

The public is confronted with the notion of materialised history in the open storage. The visitors can grasp the development potential of heritage. It is filled with memories of the past and remains valuable until this day. The unselected presentation of the material, which is systematically organized, provides a solid platform for the emergence of a number of ethical-aesthetic concepts and the creation of a multiplicity of viewpoints. Since artists are among the most sensitive people, the space, where the historical memory of creativity in stored, is actually a new gallery space. The Maribor Regional Museum invites artists to respond with their own contributions to questions about how heritage affects their creativity, how it speaks to them and how it changes them.


Dr. Mirjana Koren, Museum Consultant, Director of the Museum