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MUSEUMETTES are interactive educational sessions, workshops and unforgettable fun experiences where children learn about different selected themes through museum objects. They are aimed at pre-school children (3-6 years old) and schoolchildren in the first three years of primary school, and last 45 minutes.


In the 19th century, the homes of the wealthier citizens were decorated with portraits emphasising the importance of family, friendship, orderly and peaceful living, and respect for social principles. Initially painted by painters, portraits began to be replaced by photographs in the second half of the 19th century. The Portrait of the Bourgeoisie exhibition showcases many paintings and photographs depicting the city's craftsmen and industrialists, factory owners, municipal officials and mayors, landlords, owners of houses and vineyards in the city's surroundings, in short, the townspeople of Maribor.

People dressed up extra nicely for the portrait session, combed their hair, put on their best jewellery, pinned on insignia and showed off their best features. Flowers, fruit and animals also play an important role in the portrayal of individuals, and the whole is completed by so-called stage props, such as a raised curtain or a depiction of nature in the background, a luxurious armchair or table, sometimes even a monumental pillar.

Every day, we take several photos with our phones and cameras, including some portraits and self-portraits, so-called "selfies". However, very few people develop these photographs, let alone frame them. Even rarer are those who have a painted portrait of themselves at home.

Now we have a fun challenge for you! With the help of your parents or other family members, choose a portrait of a citizen from our exhibition and try to recreate it. Look in your wardrobe for similar clothes, you can also help yourself with sheets, towels, anything you find useful. Try to make a similar hairstyle, you can also use wigs left over from the carnival. Be creative. Don't forget the jewellery, props like flowers and the backdrop!

Now assume a similar pose as the person in the chosen portrait and make a photograph to remember!

Don't forget to send your photos to

Have fun creating!