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Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00
Our daily wine
June 2021






The temporary exhibition OUR DAILY WINE presents the rich heritage of winemaking in eastern Slovenia and explains the important role that wine plays in Slovenian culture. It offers answers to the basic question of why wine is omnipresent in our culture, in our everyday life and celebrations, why it accompanies us from birth to death. It reveals the personal, social, historical, religious and other reasons for the attachment to vines and wine. The exhibition presents wine in its many roles. For the individual, wine can be a source of livelihood, an everyday drink and food. Wine is present at all personal feasts and public celebrations and plays the role of a ceremonial drink. The exhibition is structured around the personal narratives of individuals, which show their relationship to the vine as a plant, to the vineyard, which requires constant care and hard work, and to wine, which is the reward.

Photographer: Tomo Jeseničnik