10 December 2017

Ina Sangenstedt: Esence


Ina Sangenstedt, resident of the residential platform GuestRoomMaribor / SobeZaGoste, is presenting the work that was created during the one-month stay in Maribor in cooperation with the Regional Museum of Maribor.

Opus of the Berlin based artist Ina Sangenstedt is full of citing historical forms and reanimation of various objects, whether they are taxidermied animals or furniture. With her current work, she also addressed the topic in the exhibition with the name Essence, where she for the first time crossed the frames of a white cube exhibition. An artist interested in cultural heritage was enthusiastic about the collection with the Pokrajinski muzej Maribor and began to reinterpret the museum exhibits, thus establishing a field of discourse that raises many questions, while on the other hand offers possible answers.

The layout of the exhibition is an intervention in a permanent exhibition, where the artist in various ways addresses his audience as well as the exhibits in her own way. There are interesting dialogues between them and contemporary Ina's works. Although some works directly address certain exhibits, most of them are to search for and summarize the essences, feelings and characteristics of certain periods, which are both symbolically and in some cases literally captured and summed up through various forms of sculpture or in the form of reliquiaries, some escapades of historical forms with the touch of her work.
Her works are visual representation in the form of new works as well as the embodiment of essences that she has identified in a certain museum sets.


Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže

V Sodelovanju s/ In cooperation with Pokrajinski Muzej Maribor

In/and Oddelkom za likovno umetnost Pedagoške fakultete, UM

Foto: Gregor Salobir