11 September 2017

Zsolnay - past, present, future


The visiting exhibition of ceramics from the factory Zsolnay, Hungary
15. 9. - 24.10.2017

The porcelain factory Zsolnay is one of the most important representatives of the Hungarian arts crafts. The factory was the most successful at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century when the works of its artists became famous all over the world, and the famous ones became the unique techniques that they used.

The factory, together with its brand, has survived the storm of history and still produces porcelain. With the establishment of the Zsolnay Cultural Center, the Zsolnay brand became a famous name in the field of Hungarian tourism and culture.

The exhibition will see the most successful products of the past years and products that the factory is currently producing. Plans for future collections will also be presented. Apart from ceramic masterpieces, visitors will also be able to see how the image and function of the fabulous buildings of the factory have changed when the Cultural Capital of Zsolnay was established as part of the Pecs 2010, European Capital of Culture 2010.

Historical material is the collection of the Art Deco Gallery from Pecs.