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Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00

Sanja Mohorko

Many people find accounting dull and uninteresting. At first, I thought so too. But over the years, I have become more and more familiar with the characteristics of accounting, such as tidiness, accuracy, and timeliness. It is nice to live with things in order. My work requires focusing on the here and now, which is good training for our minds, that always seem to run from the past into the future.
Dr Mirjana Koren
Maja Hren Brvar
Curator educator
Dunja Salecl
Nives Cvikl
Dr Valentina Bevc Varl
Danilo Rojko
Irena Porekar Kacafura
Špela Krštinc
Jurij Čas
Sanja Mohorko
Ksenija Visočnik
Maja Knez
Vesna Koprivnik
MA Oskar Habjanič
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