Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00

Dr Mirjana Koren

My work condenses and dilutes the time of centuries. I read the knowledge, talents, and skills of our ancestors through museum objects and learn about the origins of our values. I am grateful for the experience that allows me to be aware every day anew that I am standing exactly here and now, between true history and an ostensible future.
Dr Mirjana Koren
Maja Hren Brvar
Curator educator
Dunja Salecl
Nives Cvikl
Dr Valentina Bevc Varl
Danilo Rojko
Irena Porekar Kacafura
Špela Krštinc
Jurij Čas
Sanja Mohorko
Ksenija Visočnik
Maja Knez
Vesna Koprivnik
MA Oskar Habjanič
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