Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00




07. 06.-28. 10. 2018
Temporary exhibition
Open storage, Kino Partizan


The artist Nataša Prosenc Stearns joins the project ROCKER OF IDEAS with her project SUSPENDED COLONNADE in the projection hall of the former cinema, which is now a museum furniture open storage. She has created a vibrant metaspace of heritage and art with her physical intervention, three video projections and an original soundscape.

The video shows a floating female figure multiplying in many variations, creating repetitions of her own image in the rhythm of a colonnade. Visually, the image escapes monotony by moving from concrete figuration to abstraction and back again. It is reminiscent of the colonnades of the ancient world, and given the twist of the inner space into the outer space, the video calls to mind Plečnik's colonnade around the, unfortunately unrealised, Cathedral of Liberty.

THE SUSPENDED COLONNADE can be seen as the artist's homage to the female body, which eschews one-size-fits-all definitions. The female body protects our cultural treasure not only with its silent presence and power, like the body of a caryatid trapped in stone, but also with its ritual movement. This is not a Matisse dance party, which transmits a light of exuberance to the spectator. It is a protection that does not suffocate the protected, but playfully illuminates it and creates new artistic phenomena. It weaves an energy field, a web of life, around the museum's collected furniture objects, bouncing happily. It is not about fixing the past or protecting it by denying rights, but about the artist's recognition of cultural values and deep respect for heritage. The movement of the female body is transferred to the static museum objects, which come to life with it. The woman also addresses the objects: it is I who am remembered in my staticity, it is I who sat on you, it is I who looked at you, it is I who put my memories in you. It is about giving and taking, giving thanks to the wood, finding glory in your home. Natasha's dance is a tribute to the inherited. She was born here to inhabit a myriad of physical and spiritual worlds. This is her inheritance.