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Mr Franc Minarik, Maribor's Last Gentleman

The pharmacist Franc Minařik is remembered by many citizens of Maribor, and his place in professional circles is eternal. His book on the history of pharmacology is still a useful textbook for present-day students of Pharmaceutics. It is also of great importance that he was a skillful collector.

He is the father of an exceptionally beautiful and rich pharmacy collection kept in the Maribor Regional Museum. The collection is taken care of and enriched by its curator, Dr Valentina Bevc Varl. Together with the former Director of Maribor Pharmacies, MS Lovro Dermota, the pair managed to transport visitors back in time.

The people of Maribor used to meet a gentleman with a hat who greeted everyone with a friendly hello. Former Večer journalist Srečko Niedorfer is still convinced that Franc Minařik was truly "Maribor's last gentleman".