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Maribor Regional Museum, Grajska ulica 2, Maribor, Slovenia

The Maribor Regional Museum invites you to participate in an international scientific and professional symposium on the topic of THE CONVERGENCE OF MILLENNIA.

The symposium will take place 19-21 October 2023 in the Knights' Hall of Maribor Castle.

The theme of MUSEOEUROPE 2023 is THE CONVERGENCE OF MILLENNIA. It brings to the forefront new insights into different aspects of life in prehistoric and historic periods in the wider European area, using modern methods and technologies in the study of cultural heritage. The symposium welcomes contributions from the fields of heritage interpretation, archaeology, natural history investigations (e.g. archaeobotany, palynology, archaeozoology, lipid archaeology, metallographic analyses, strontium isotope studies, etc.) and other methods (e.g. metallographic analyses, strontium isotope studies, etc.). aerial laser scanning, geophysics, aeroarchaeology, archaeoastronomy, ...), history, fine and applied arts, ethnology, conservation-restoration and architecture.

The deadline for submission of the provisional title and abstract of up to 600 characters without spaces is 28 October 2022.
Contributions will be grouped into five tracks:

  1. Modern technologies and methods for non-invasive research
  2. Interdisciplinary links between disciplines in cultural heritage research processes
  3. Heritage trails and parks, landscapes and open-air museums
  4. Experimental, Educational and Experiential Archaeology
  5. Cultural heritage interpretations

We invite archaeologists, historians, art historians, ethnologists and cultural anthropologists, conservators-restorers, museum educators, researchers in the natural sciences and other researchers to participate.

The symposium will take place 19-21 October 2023 in the Knights' Hall of Maribor Castle.

Further information can be obtained by contacting or by calling +386 (0)2 228 35 51.

Permanent exhibition:

From 2020, the furniture collection of the Maribor Regional Museum will be on display in a new permanent exhibition called Spaces of Beauty. The concept of the exhibition is based on four spaces. Each of them presents selected pieces of furniture from different periods, treated with different decorative techniques. The basic techniques of decorating wooden furniture have been in use since the time of ancient civilisations, and their development has been prompted each time by the need for a new message.

The exhibition, with the many interesting facts that the artist offers alongside the objects, expands the space of reflection beyond the furniture itself, beyond the buildings for which it was made, beyond the ambitions of the rulers, the nobility, the bourgeoisie and the church, beyond the talent of the designers and the constraints of time, to visions of our common future. It poses the question whether, today, when technology makes it possible to realize every idea, we are able to seriously reflect on what beauty is.